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All you need to know about growing and maintaining healthy, shiny hair, plus celebrity photos for your hairstyle inspiration.


Anyone who was born with naturally curly hair knows that it can be both a blessing and a curse. Because it essentially grows in a zigzag formation, it takes longer to attain a certain length than it would if it were straight. It is also prone to dryness, and on humid days it seems like there's nothing you can do to keep it under control! But on the plus side, it's a look that is highly sought-after and can be absolutely stunning if you know how to style it properly.

Halle's Berry's naturally curly hair = gorgeous!

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Who's that girl? (Part Four)

June 4th 2014 12:25
Click the links if you missed Who's that girl? Part One, Part Two and Part Three. This 25-year-old starlet is as well known for her bohemian sense of style - and her unfortunate photographic mishaps! - as she is for her acting. Any ideas as to who she might be?

Hint: She's usually a brunette, but has been dyeing her hair blonde of late.

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The 'new balayage'

June 2nd 2014 09:20
GHST readers, allow me to introduce you to the hair colouring technique that's being dubbed the 'new balayage'. Known as 'smudging', it's pretty much as it sounds: it has a softer feel than ombre, while still providing that sexy, graduated colour fade-out that we all know and love.

Hair smudging
Kate Bosworth's 'smudged' colour gives her hair a gorgeous and truly natural grown-out look.

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It's been featured on the Spring/Summer 2014 catwalks of Balenciaga, Max Mara, Gucci, Rag & Bone, and Salvatore Ferragamo, to name but a few. Harper's Bazaar has called it one of the 'Hottest Spring Hairstyles' for 2014. But as for me? I'm calling BS!

Hair trend 2014
So-called 'mixed textures' at Gucci.

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How often should I brush my hair?

May 13th 2014 20:30
Way back in the days of old, women were told that they should brush their hair 100 times daily in order to keep it in good condition. In fact, doing this will cause excess breakage to the hair shaft and is not at all recommended.

When it comes to frequency of hair brushing, less is more!

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The silver resurgence

May 10th 2014 04:20
Remember back in 2010 when all the cool kids were dyeing their hair a silvery grey? (No? Then may this pretty pink link refresh your memory). Well, it seems that there's something of a silver resurgence going on in the fashion world, and I, for one, am loving it.

Young woman gray hair
Silver hair adds a touch of whimsy to your style.

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Dealing with long hair boredom

May 1st 2014 10:08
Sometimes, no matter how much you love your long hair, youíre going to feel bored with it. Itís inevitable Ė a friend will have her hair cut into a shorter, sassy style and suddenly you feel compelled to do the same. The question is, how much hair boredom is too much? At what stage should we reach the decision that itís time for a haircut?

I'm bored of long hair
Even those of us who adore our long locks experience periods of long hair boredom.

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Who's that girl? (Part Three)

April 26th 2014 09:15
Click the links if you missed Who's that girl? Part One and Part Two. This French-born, English-raised superstar refers to herself as an 'Elf Alien Queen' in this series of photos for the Spring/Summer 2014 edition of Wonderland magazine. Any ideas as to who she might be?

Super long hair celebrity
Hint: we've never seen her with hair this long.

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If you want to keep your hair looking its absolute best - and let's face it, who doesn't? - then it is of utmost importance that you avoid these three nasty habits. In order, they are:

Bad hair habits
Yes, Rihanna. Even you.

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Me too, Sansa. Me too.

April 16th 2014 00:50
For anyone who hasn't seen the most recent Game of Thrones? Best. Episode. EVER!!! And by the way, Sansa... great hair.

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