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All you need to know about growing and maintaining healthy, shiny hair, plus celebrity photos for your hairstyle inspiration.

Crazy colours!

June 25th 2009 09:33
Sometimes you need to shout to be heard! You can have a lot of fun with crazy hair colours that can really give your image a jolt while at the same time making a statement of nonconformity. More than that, though, an original, vibrant colour can brighten up your life to no end, and make you smile every time you look in the mirror.

bright crazy hair

This look definitely has an age limit - if you're no longer a student you can count yourself out. By far the best vibrant hair dye available is the Fudge Paintbox range: semi-permanent colours in every shade of the rainbow, that last for up to 20 washes. Stars like Lily Allen (pictured below), Rachel McAdams, Avril Lavigne and Scarlett Johansson have taken the flamingo-pink route in the past, but whichever colour you think best suits your personality is going to be the right one for you. Better yet, choose three or more contrasting colours and create a rainbow effect by streaking different strands or layers.

lily allen pink hair
Lily Allen does visual irony

Keep in mind that your clothes and makeup will have to complement your new hair colour, and don't forget to take lots of photos! One last thing: don't even think about doing this alone. Enlisting the help of a friend will bring you far better results, and if you're really fussy about your hair, get it done at a salon. Here are some pics for your crazy hair colour inspiration.

bright crazy hair colour

bright crazy hair colour

bright crazy hair colour

bright crazy hair colour

bright crazy hair colour

bright crazy hair colour

bright crazy hair colour

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15 Comments. [ Add A Comment ]

Comment by Natalina

June 25th 2009 10:48
I LOVE the pic with the upswept hair and the green up the sides. I'm no student, but I'd still consider rockin' that look! Perhaps with some purple. I have dark hair so I think I could pull if off. I'm a bit of an oddball though

When I was 17, I was on a school trip and in the hotel room my friend and I sat in the bathroom, smoked cigarettes and dyed our hair. Mine turned out bright pink, and at that time, I had hair that was super long, past my butt. I thought it was lovely, but we got in sooo much trouble! Luckily I have a cool mom, and when I got home, she told me it was pretty!

Comment by Journeywoman

June 25th 2009 11:03
Nice! It must have been pretty eye-catching, being that long and that bright. I haven't had crazy hair since my first year of Uni, when I dyed the ends blue. A week later I'd chopped it short and dyed it black! My look is much more conservative these days so it's nice sometimes to remember how things were. Cheers for the comment Natalina.

Comment by Anonymous

July 6th 2009 18:22
i have layers and on my first layer i have the ends died purple (my hair color is dark brown with a touch of dirty blond)

Comment by Ahhmazing

July 12th 2009 04:04
I love this website it is so useful to me. I am seriously considering growing out my hair and getting layers. But in my opinion coloring your hair does not look very nice on short hair except for the last picture she pulled it off and did a wonderful job of complimenting it with her make-up. thanks for making this website!

Comment by Journeywoman

July 12th 2009 05:18
Thanks so much for the lovely comment Ahhmazing! I'll try to keep up the good work.

Comment by Anonymous

August 12th 2009 23:41
hey im wondering if anyone could help im looking for a colourful hair style to do with layers dont want it too short though my limit is just past my shoulders.... anyone got any suggestions ??

Comment by Journeywoman

August 13th 2009 00:05
Look around, on the internet and in mags, for a style that really appeals to you, then show it to your hairdresser and get him or her to replicate it for you. If you can't find exactly what you want then you'll have to describe it in words, but it's a much better idea to have a photo. Don't do anything until you've decided exactly what style you want. Hope this helps.

Comment by Anonymous

August 13th 2009 00:14
hey see the thing is i normally do look around especially on the internet but iv sort of ran out of ideas i suppose.

I also feel kind of nervous to try any thing really big again as the last time i tried that the one thing people said when they first saw it was "what happened?" which i found slightly offencive.
but i was wondering if anyone had any ideas that i could try that i havent yet tried.. anyone..?

Comment by sioned

August 21st 2009 17:55
Does anybody know the name of the colours of the first pic on the left the oink and green?

Comment by Chellity

January 3rd 2010 20:22
I love the one on the top the cut and everything.

I dyed my hair bright purple when I was 15. It turned out a total mess lols!

Just got rid of a funky colour. i had all the underneath of the right side of my hair dyed teal and the rest of my hair was black. loved it but was just a bit of work to try to keep it up!!

I got my hair bleached at the hairdressers then used Directions hair dye. it works brilliantly and comes in all sorts of colors!!

Comment by Anonymous goin 2 high school

July 8th 2010 02:23
um ya i got medium length hair brown nd what colors look good if i want to keep most of the brown or should i just do the bleach thing nd go w that b cause my eyebrows r either a reg brown or slightly a dark brown so thts y im not so sure about the bleach nd crazy cool colors

Comment by Anonymous goin 2 high school

July 8th 2010 02:25

Comment by Miss Pearl

July 21st 2010 06:24
hey people

I Have bright pink hair like Lily Allen I guess, a little deeper. As for the eyebrows, I'm a natural light brown so they are a little bit of a contrast but it just doesn't seem to matter.
everyone comments, little kids, elderly people, I've had bright pink all over since Feb now and its just my thing, what I'm known by now.
its just hair!!!
sorry i don't have a pic.

Comment by Faith Saturn

October 8th 2010 09:56
You've got to love different coloured hair. I've had to chop all mine off recently- just to the start of my neck, from all the excess bleaching and dyeing.

But I've always had shoulder-length hair, and have been rainbow, pink, purple, indigo, green, almost every colour!

I think my favourite hair was when my fringe was dark (but not too dark) blue, the sides were pink and purple, and I had raccoon and blonde and brown all mixed in.

I love the girl who has the blonde and "orange" hair, and I adore her make-up. It's a really good look, because she can look sexy OR innocent!!!

Comment by LadyRuinLocks

May 5th 2011 10:30
Im wanting to do something bright with my hair...I've been shock pink and black 4 times in the past and green before and I wear synthetic dreads in all colours but want something different and more permanent than dreads....I've decided to go for turqiouse with ruby red, sapphire blue and purple in my bangs & fringe, sorta underlying the turqiouse...although I'm going to a hiardresser to have my hair lightened! XD

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