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All you need to know about growing and maintaining healthy, shiny hair, plus celebrity photos for your hairstyle inspiration.

Hair Gallery: Extra long hairstyles

November 27th 2009 11:43
It takes several years to grow your hair past your hips, and because of this it is an extremely rare thing - these days, there aren't many people who are patient enough to wait that long. Because it is so rare, it is also extremely special. Regardless of the colour and texture, extra long hair is ethereal, magical, and above all, incredibly beautiful! If very long hair is what you're after, I hope this gallery is an inspiration for you to stay patient and keep on growing.

beautiful extra long hair

gorgeous shiny long hair

wavy super long hair

stunning long red hair

Long straight black hair

shiny long hair

extra long brunette style

super long blonde hair

beautiful long haired woman

very long blond hair

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11 Comments. [ Add A Comment ]

Comment by Anonymous

February 16th 2010 17:48
Super-long hair will be beautiful only if it looks healthy, shiny, and well-kept. I personally think not everyone can pull off this look well - the trick to gorgeousness with super-long hair is a healthy glowy FACE (with or w/o makeup). Skin with too much acne will subtly influence the look of the hair, and the person might come of to look like someone who has not been to a salon in ages, i.e. does not bother/take effort to take care of herself. Just my two cents.

Comment by Journeywoman

February 16th 2010 23:42
I agree - it definitely has to be shiny and healthy to look good. Long straggly hair will give you a witch-like appearance (and not in a 'sexy white witch' kind of way!)

I always emphasise health over length... and yes the face is important too, but in general if someone has a good diet, exercises a few times a week, drinks enough water and has a good daily beauty routine, they'll have both gorgeous hair and clear skin. If not, there may be something wrong with their hormones, in which case it's time to see the doctor and let them sort it out with medication or something similar.

Thanks for the great comment.

Comment by melia

July 18th 2010 00:20
i dont even want to imagine how much time you have to spend in the bathroom and how miserable the idea of washing your hair must make you at that length..

i still crave that last picture's hair though!!!
(i've never been able to grow my hair more than shoulder's length but im seriously doing it now!!!)

Comment by Journeywoman

July 18th 2010 00:43
I think if they were miserable, they'd cut it! Also, long hair is actually easier to take care of than short hair, as it's a wash-and-wear style. Thanks for the comment though melia.

Comment by Anonymous

July 18th 2010 09:03
I personally think hair length that's past the elbow is generally already considered too long. But that's just my opinion though. It may work for some people - like the 1st picture, love it!

Comment by melia

July 18th 2010 22:26
oooh i really hope you re right journeywoman because im planning to grow it (iiif i can make it) and i have some serious bad memories from my mother trying to comb her long long hair

Comment by Anonymous

August 9th 2010 15:57
I'm over 40 and love my long hair. It's below my bra strap, and it's thick and luxurious. It's fun to take it down in the winter after having been up all summer and everyone says, WOW you have a gorgeous head of hair. I figure like yall, not everyone can actually HAVE long hair. I can, so I will! Thank you for this post!

Comment by Catdiva

February 16th 2011 05:16
Your text goes hereYour text goes here

I have hair down to the tops of my thighs but I cut it when it gets longer so I don't keep sitting on it or shutting it in doors.

What bothers me about people's attitudes these days are two things:
1) I keep gettin told I should chop all my hair off and donate it to locks for love. While I admit if you are ok with short hair its a great cause, who are they to decide that my hair doesn't belong on MY head where God put it?!

2) I also keep hearing that "women over 40 shouldn't have long hair." Obviously from a bunch of short haired women over 40. My hair is gorgeous, its thick, healthy and my husband loves it. I can't get over how easily ppl I know and those I don't can criticize how much hair I have.

Lastly, does anyone else have ppl who just keep touching it? Strangers who feel that its like a pregnant woman's tummy - something they have a right to handle intimately when we haven't even met? OMG! lol. Great site!

Comment by Journeywoman

February 18th 2011 17:13
Hey Catdiva, thanks for the great comment! Agreed on the Locks of Love thing, and on long hair looking great on women over 40 (provided that it looks healthy like yours evidently does) - I've always thought that short hair ages a woman considerably while long hair keeps them looking young. Unless you're specifically asking for someone's opinion I really think people should mind their own business when it comes to other people's hair, but of course that's not likely to happen anytime soon!

I've heard of women with extra-long hair having to deal with people touching it without asking - haven't experienced it myself (at the moment my hair is only halfway down my back) but it must be ghastly. Funny that you mention it being like people touching a pregnant woman's belly; I'm pregnant with my first child right now and I'm finding myself on guard in public, ready to block strangers who think they now have the right to touch me! With pregnancy at least you know they'll be coming at you from ahead - unfortunately with extra-long hair they'll probably sneak up behind you - I guess all you can do is ask that they respect your personal space by not touching your hair, but by then it'll be too late and they'll already have gotten their greasy mitts on it. Not sure how you'd prevent it from happening in the first place but hopefully another reader can enlighten us.

Comment by Seoulmama

February 21st 2011 19:27
Thanks for the blog! My hair is to my butt and it's wavy/curly. Everyone comments on how beautiful it is! I couldn't imagine having short hair--- ever lol.

Personally no one comes up to touch my hair but then again I'm 5'11 and 200lbs lol. Most people think I'm Samoan or Hawaiian or an boxer LOL!

Good to see a positive blog about long hair.

Comment by Journeywoman

February 22nd 2011 00:33
Your hair sounds gorgeous Seoulmama, and even more impressive that you've grown it that long considering how tall you are. Thanks for stopping by, it's always lovely getting positive feedback on my blog.

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